TO SUM UP – links to all the news reports, articles and youtube clips

Here below are the links to all the news reports, articles and youtube clips

that have appeared in connection to our crowd funding campaign to promote Sovereignty.
Included are also links to the amazing lectures by Rabbi Efrati, Caroline Glick, Eran Bar Tal
and Yoram Ginzburg. We put the simultaneous translation onto the clip
so English speakers can enjoy the lectures as well.
Please be ambassadors for Sovereignty- forward these links to family and friends.

Campaign to double impact of Sovereignty launched today

Sovereignty- it’s already happening- dozens of activists launch Sovereignty campaign

When we take a stand the world follows- summary of Rav Baruch Efrati’s and Caroline Glick’s talks

48 hours mass mobilization for Sovereignty – Conference Opening

Rav Baruch Efrati – Sovereignty from the point of view of halacha

Caroline Glick – Why Sovereignty

Yoram Ginsburg – The First National Master Plan to include Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley

Eran Bar Tal – Sovereignty will also mean a healthy economy

Double your impact in achieving Sovereignty – the film for the crowdfunding starring Noam Yakobson

The crowdfunding page