Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Friends,

I was deeply shocked to learn that presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama has appointed Daniel Kurtzer as his key Middle East adviser!

Kurtzer, a former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, has long been recognized by Israel leaders, including prime ministers, as biased against Israel and is notorious for urging extreme concessions from the Jewish State.

The first time I came across the name Daniel Kurtzer was in December 2003, when, as U.S. Ambassador to Israel, he instructed Israel Defence Minster Shaul Mofaz that Migron, a community in the Judean Hills just minutes from Jerusalem, had to be the first "Jewish settlement" to be evacuated, so as to make possible a contiguous Palestinian State.

It is important to understand that Migron is not some little collection of huts. The community has built a synagogue and they have a library, their own health care center, a petting zoo and a kindergarten. Migron is home to 43 young Torah-observant Jewish families with over 60 young children. They are professionals, teachers, students and soldiers. They work in Migron or in Jerusalem, or in the surrounding communities, such as Michmash. (Michmash was the stronghold of Judah Maccabee, who reestablished Jewish sovereignty in this whole area during the time of the Chanukah wars.)

Migron had actually been approved by Sharon and the Defense Ministry. In fact, successive previous defense ministers have insisted that Migron was essential strategically and must never be abandoned. It had been built on land completely owned by Jews and its residents had the legal papers to prove these facts.

This affair is more than shameful on more than one level; Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, under heavy American pressure, made the decision to destroy Migron, and Kurtzer, a supposedly Orthodox religious Jew lent himself to the attempt to the destroy the Jewish State, because of personal ambition.

Women in Green decided to demonstrate against the forcible evacuation of Migron. Two bus loads of Women in Green traveled to Migron. We brought refreshments for the adults and a teddy bear for each child.

We had received a large donation for children’s toys from a lovely Jewish American lady. Unfortunately, we cannot remember her name but we bless her for her generosity. We used all the money to purchase as many teddy bears as could be had from the donation. Fortunately, there was enough for all the Migron little children. It seemed to us to be the perfect gift for the little children, in case, G-d forbid, police and soldiers actually were sent to forcibly evacuate the Migron Jews. At least the small children of Migron would than each have a teddy bear to hug!

(Actually, Migron was not evacuated at that time; we like to think that it was partly because of publicity for our demonstration.)

* * *

The following is an article about Obama’s new Middle East adviser, DANIEL KURTZER, by Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily (May 13, 2008):

Obama Adviser: Divide Jerusalem

JERUSALEM ­ Jerusalem must be included in any negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, stressed Sen. Barack Obama’s Middle East adviser Daniel Kurtzer.

"It will be impossible to make progress on serious peace talks without putting the future of Jerusalem on the table," Kurtzer said yesterday at a conference organized by the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute or JPPPI.

Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, has long been recognized by Israeli leaders, including prime ministers, as biased against Israel and is notorious for urging extreme concessions from the Jewish state. He was appointed as a primary Obama adviser on the Middle East earlier this year.

During a discussion panel yesterday, Kurtzer reportedly went on to fault the Bush administration for not doing enough to pressure Israel into dividing Jerusalem. In reaction, JPPPI head Yechezkel Dror said Jerusalem must become the cultural center of the Jewish people.

Kurtzer said in response that "before we do that, we must first accept a number of facts and the political reality of Arabs who live in East Jerusalem who do not feel part of the city."

Israel recaptured eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount ­ Judaism’s holiest site ­ during the 1967 Six Day War. The Palestinians have claimed eastern Jerusalem as a future capital; the area has large Arab neighborhoods, a significant Jewish population and sites holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Tens of thousands of Arab complexes in eastern Jerusalem were constructed illegally on land purchased by the Jewish National Fund, a Jewish nonprofit organization that purportedly raises donor funds for the purpose of Jewish settlement, WND previously exposed.

Obama’s appointment of Kurtzer raised eyebrows among the pro-Israel Jewish community.

"We oppose the appointment of Kurtzer because of his long, documented record of hostility to and severe pressure upon Israel," said Zionist Organization of America National Chairman Morton Klein.

Kurtzer has been blasted by mainstream Jewish organizations, including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

He has angered Israeli leaders many times for pushing Israel into what they described as extreme concessions to the Palestinians.

"With Jews like Kurtzer, it is impossible to build a healthy relationship between Israel and the United States," Benjamin Nentanyahu was quoted saying in 2001 by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said Kurtzer "frequently pressured Israel to make one-sided concessions to the Arabs; he constantly blamed Israel for the absence of Mideast peace, and paid little or no attention to the fact that the Palestinians were carrying out terrorist attacks and openly calling for the destruction of Israel."

Morris Amitay, former executive director of the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 2001: "Kurtzer … will use his Jewishness as a protective cover for his anti-Israel views."

The ZOA points out Israel’s leading daily, Yediot Ahronot, editorialized on Kurtzer’s negative influence against Israel:

"Possibly more than any other U.S. State Department official, Kurtzer has been instrumental in promoting the goals of the Palestinians and in raising their afflictions to the center of the U.S. policymakers’ agenda," the paper stated.

Kurtzer first rose to prominence in 1988 when as a State Department adviser he counseled the Reagan administration to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat. The PLO had carried out scores of anti-Western attacks, but in the late ’80s Arafat claimed to have renounced violence.

In 1988, Kurtzer was noted as the principal author of a major policy speech by then-Secretary of State George Shultz in which the U.S. government first recognized the "legitimate rights" of the Palestinians.

Haaretz reported in 2001 that Kurtzer had a "vocal conflict" with an Israeli government official in Philadelphia in the summer of 1990 after Kurtzer "attacked the Israeli government for refusing to include the PLO in the peace process [and] said that this constituted the main obstacle to peace"

In Kurtzer’s latest book, "Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: American Leadership in the Middle East," he largely blames Israel for the collapse of U.S.-brokered negotiations at Camp David. Contradicting accounts by President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Ehud Barak, both of whom squarely blamed Arafat for refusing to make peace, Kurtzer argues in his book Israel did not offer enough concessions to the Palestinians.

At Camp David, Israel offered Arafat a state in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. According to multiple reports, Barak also offered Arafat the upper sections of the Temple Mount.

* * *

By the way unfortunately Migron is in the news again!

Migron Sentenced to Destruction in Six Months
by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

Responding to the Supreme Court and the radical Peace Now group, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister said that the 43 families currently living in Migron, north of Jerusalem, would be evicted by this coming August.

Migron (Samuel I 14,2; Isaiah 10, 28) is a strategically critical hilltop community north of Jerusalem, overlooking the Jerusalem-Shomron highway. It grew very quickly following its founding in March 2002, swelling to 40 families within less than a year and a half – but the government then clamped down, and barely a single new caravan (trailer home) has been allowed in since then. Migron, as well as 25 other outposts in Yesha (Judea and Samaria), is considered an "unauthorized" outpost because it was built after March 1, 2001 – the date ex-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised U.S. President George Bush that no new communities would be built.

Some of the land in Migron was clearly purchased by Jews, but the Supreme Court has been asked by Peace Now to rule that other parts of the community are situated on private, Arab-owned land – and to order the destruction of the entire community. Peace Now’s objective is to ensure the erasure of all vestiges of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.

Destroying Migron Would Lead to Violence
It is widely assumed that a dismantling of Migron would not go over without an Amona-style fight. Two years ago, the new Olmert government decided to go ahead with the eviction of nine Jewish families from their homes in Amona, a hilltop community overlooking Ofrah (and six miles directly north of Migron). What developed was an extremely violent clash between police/army forces and many hundreds of Land of Israel supporters who came to protest the government’s decision. Hundreds of the latter were injured, many of them seriously, in extreme cases of police violence, many of which were documented on film.


With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

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