The spectacles of Amona and Ofra demand the acceleration of the sovereignty process’

The distribution of issue no. 8 of the Sovereignty Journal, in hundreds of thousands of copies in Hebrew and in English, began this weekend. Included in this issue are interviews, essays, and reports dealing with the vision of sovereignty.

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What are the silenced and hidden truths regarding the way international law relates to Israel’s rights in Judea and Samaria? How does the deputy foreign minister see the vision of sovereignty? Thirty five years after the application of Israeli law in the Golan Heights, what tips does Yehuda Harel, one of the leading proponents of that campaign, have for the leaders of the present campaign for sovereignty? What does the president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin think about sovereignty?

All of these questions and more are answered in issue no. 8 of the Sovereignty Journal, which has been published  by Women in Green and the Forum for Sovereignty, and is distributed in the coming days in Hebrew and in English in 200,000 copies throughout the Land of Israel and abroad.

Among other things in this issue is the story of the Left’s internal differences and gradual disillusionment with the idea of two states; an interview with Jewish Home Faction Chairman, MK Mualem-Refaeli, one of the leading proponents of the sovereignty plan in the Knesset; an interview with Rav Shlomo Aviner on Judaism, ethics and policy; snippets from the Fourth Sovereignty Conference with statements by ministers, members of Knesset, intellectuals, public figures and even representatives of minorities, Palestinians, Christians and Israeli Arabs on the vision of sovereignty; Atty. Marc Zell on what can be expected from Trump as president of the U.S. and more.

“The spectacles from Amona and Ofra obligate us to continue, with even greater energy, to promote the plan for the application of sovereignty”, say Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, the heads of Women in Green, which is behind the publication of the journal. According to them, “the political quiet that has reigned after Netanyahu’s visit to the United States and the establishment of the joint committee do not augur well. We must wake up and present a policy for a solution. We realize that when we engage in mud fights with the government, we are the losers. But on the other hand, we have ideological and political power and with the Almighty’s help, we will build and we will bring about a good future for our children and our grandchildren in the Land of Israel”.

Katsover and Matar add that “the prime minister must know that he cannot continue to deceive us. The ethical basis for his leadership is increasingly weakened. More and more voices are heard demanding to replace him. The prime minister must return to the principles in whose name the People awarded him the mandate to lead. He must return to the clear positions of the Right, which he propounded in articles, books and speeches at the beginning of his path as politician and statesman”.

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