The Sovereignty Revolution Comes to the People

In light of the various political plans from the Right, among which are the plans of MK Bezalel Smotrich, Chairman of the Zehut Party Moshe Feiglin and many others, Women in Green is initiating a campaign to sign up the Israeli public to encourage and support the vision of sovereignty.

The Women in Green movement states that “without public pressure, the plans will remain only theoretical, while in order to turn them into a practical diplomatic process, there must be a tailwind created by the People. And we will accomplish this by placing booths to sign people up in various public locations around the country. We will bring the vision of sovereignty to the People, we will engage in friendly debate and demonstrate that the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria is the only Zionist, ethical and secure plan, combining the Biblical promise with international law and is, in fact, the only realistic plan”.

The leaders of the movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, note that in light of the collapse of the idea of dividing the Land and disillusionment, within the public as well as the Israeli leadership and the Israeli street and parliaments of the world, including the White House, the time Is right to apply significant public pressure on policy makers to promote and implement the vision of sovereignty. “We reinforce and support every representative of the various plans for the application of sovereignty, but it is clear to us that without the call to the People, this will not happen”.

The two women note that the Internet sign-up to support the vision of sovereignty began a few months ago and “the number of those who join the sovereignty revolution is growing and broadening. The Right in Israel is no longer satisfied with saying what not to do and criticizing the Left’s ideas. We are now presenting a plan that is leading the Israeli discourse. The revolution is already here”.


One of the first places where the booths to sign up  for the sovereignty movement was placed is the large conference held by the “Pnim” women’s magazine, which was held yesterday (Thursday), where the leaders of Women in Green called on the participants to joi n the Sovereignty movement. The response, say the two, was impressive and many of the participants signed up and even asked to take part in some of the various activities involved in the call for the practical implementation of the vision. Each person that signed up, received a bag on which is printed “The time has come for Sovereignty”. “From here, we are going out to sign up people to the Sovereignty Movement in additional venues, and we are convinced that there too, they have internalized and will internalize the importance of the vision that the Sovereignty Movement is presenting to ”, say Katsover and Matar.

Attached are photos of the Sovereignty booth at the Pnima conference. Credit: Women in Green.

Thank you to Renee Margolis, Sara Goodman,Karen Stahl-Don,Rina Koshland, Tova Weiss, Meira Zohar and Batya Morris for manning the booth and signing up hundreds of women to the Sovereignty Movement.