The Moskowitz Prize for Zionism 2017

The Women in Green movement calls on its friends and supporters, lovers and builders of the Land of Israel, to take part in the Moskowitz Prize award ceremony, that will be held, G-d willing, this coming Monday, May 22nd 2017 at the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem at 7:00pm.


Taking part in the event will be Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, members of Knesset and other public figures. The event will be led by Yehoram Gaon. During the ceremony, a prize will be awarded to Prof. Moshe Ahrens for his life’s work.


The Moskowitz Prize for Zionism was established by the Moskowitz family a decade ago as a practical expression of support for those who implement Zionism in modern, Israeli society, who work – while sacrificing their personal welfare and safety – for the common good, and to assure the strength of the Jewish national home.


The Moskowitz couple set out on this initiative of support for the implementers of the Jewish vision in the Land of Israel, in order to provide a tailwind for those who work tirelessly for the people and the Land and who, more than once, have seen the spotlight and the honor pass them by.

We, members of the Women in Green movement, who have benefitted over the years from Mrs. Moskowitz’s great practical encouragement in the settlement enterprise, establishing and maintaining a hold in Shdema, Netzer, Adorayim, Eitam and Oz veGaon, and in leading the Sovereignty Campaign, we will be there.

We will salute and pay tribute to the winners of the prize and especially to Mrs Cherna Moskowitz and her late husband Dr. Irving z”l for their quiet but tremendous support for contemporary Zionism.

For tickets at a nominal price: Bimot call *6226