The Application of Israeli Sovereignty is Accepted Unanimously by Likud Central Committee

The Sovereignty Movement praises the Likud for the historic and unanimous vote in favor of the application of sovereignty.

In a historic vote, the 1500 members of the Likud Central Committee voted unanimously in favor of applying Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and promoting a construction boom throughout these parts of the Land.

The Sovereignty Movement, founded by Women in Green, praises the Likud party for this historic step. “This is a historic moment for the Likud, a historic moment for the People of Israel, a historic moment for the Land of Israel and a historic moment for the Sovereignty Movement”, say the heads of the movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, adding that “During the meeting of the Central Committee, senior figures in the party gave assertive and resolute speeches in favor of the Land of Israel and in favor of our sovereign right to the Land. Each speech was another gem in the party’s crown”.

The Sovereignty Movement congratulates the members of Likud Central who led the dramatic process, among whom are Shevah Stern, Natan Englesman, Yishai Merling and other activists that “worked so hard to bring about the diplomatic-political change of direction”.

Katsover and Matar note that the next step is bringing the decision to practical realization, by orderly legislation, led by the ruling party, the Likud.

Here are some pictures of the welcoming signs that the Sovereignty movement held at the entrance of the gathering to show support and strengthen all those came to vote.