Thank you!

To all of you lovers of the Land of Israel who volunteered and contributed to the success of Operation Sovereignty

Thanks to you we have reached the goal! Thank you!

Together with you we have experienced 48 hours of exhilaration; together we saw the People of Israel at its best, open its heart and pocket on behalf of the application of sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.

At the fundraising campaign headquarters, we received touching telephone calls from people who thanked us for allowing them to be partners in the great project of striving for sovereignty.

And there were also surprising calls and donations. Among the many donors were Muslims who are residents of Judea who contributed their money for the advancement of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. The circle of donors widened even to the other side of the ocean, and a donation also came from distant Finland along with a touching and encouraging letter.

All of this and other exciting experiences throughout the two days of the fundraising campaign, provide a powerful tailwind of encouragement, strength and momentum of energy for all of us to continue with faith in the justice of our cause.

And this is where we express our deepest thanks to all of the volunteers, especially to the wonderful , faithful youth, the care and love for the Land “to stay on the phone” and with lots of grace and deep conviction, succeeded to raise a considerable amount, which will all be used, G-d willing, to expand the activity. Thanks to everyone.

We also thank the speakers at the launching event – Rav Baruch Efrati, head of the Derech Emuna rabbis, journalist and commentator Caroline Glick, architect Yoram Ginsburg and the economic editor of Israel Hayom, Dr. Eran Bar Tal – who gave of their time because they understood the importance of the progress toward sovereignty in general and the fundraising event in particular, presented their sharp analysis of the situation and Israel’s position as a regional power whose goal is to reduce tensions and promote a Jewish moral vision throughout the entire world.

The subject of sovereignty is indeed gaining momentum. The elected representatives of the public are well aware of the spirit of the people moving towards sovereignty and understand how important it is for to be attentive to this spirit. This spirit, which arises from the Israeli street, is heard quite well and is causing a real revolution in the discourse of the leadership in Knesset and the cabinet.

And already now, even before the fundraising campaign has ended, we can report to you the first steps that will be taken with the donations that were collected with your help, and the first step is another Sovereignty conference, this time in Petah Tikva: (see attached flyer)

When? Wednesday, Rosh Hodesh Shevat (January 17th) at 8:00pm

Where? The Gola Club, Shmuel Hanagid St., Petah Tikva

What? A conference entitled “The Time has Come for Sovereignty” (in Hebrew)

Who will be there?

–          MK Bezalel Smotrich, Deputy Chairman of the Knesset, on the topic: Why Sovereignty?

–          Hananel  Durani, Head of the YESHA and Kedumim Council on the topic: Sovereignty is vital

–          Architect Yoram Ginsburg, lecturer at Ariel University, on the topic: TAMA 100 – The First National Master Plan to include Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley

–          Eran Bar Tal, economic editor of Israel Hayom, on the topic: Sovereignty is good for the economy

–          MCs: Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

–          Music: The Shir Adama Band with Adam Tsahi

Light refreshments

In these past few hours of the fundraising event we call on everyone who has not yet contributed: we are embarking on a bonus round, when we will try to raise more contributions for extra reinforcement for the great activity that is before us. Donations can be sent until candle lighting time of Hanukka , the holiday of the great Jewish victory.

English Page:

Hebrew Page (for shekel donations) :


And this just came in :

Members of the Likud central committee received the following whatsup message: The Likud Central committee will convene on December 31st, 2017 to discuss the proposal by members of the committee to apply Israeli Law over the entire settlement enterprise of Judea and Samaria and also to demand free building in Jerusalem and all over Judea and Samaria