Sovereignty updates

Dear Friends

Tonight please G-d is our 4th Sovereignty Conference. The response was overwhelming and we have a registration of over 750 people.

For those who can’t make it you will be able to follow the conference live on arutz 7 in Hebrew and with simultaneous translation on English Arutz 7 starting at 6:30pm Israel time.

These are crucial and historical days. When we first planned the conference, many months ago, we did not know yet it would be so close to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s trip to meet President Donald Trump. Hashem turned things around and here we are 3 days before this crucial meeting between PM Netanyahu and President Trump. As Atty Marc Zell said (see article below) at our weekly Friday lecture in Oz veGaon 2 days ago: President Trump’s government is waiting to hear what Netanyahu wants”.

We must make sure PM Netanyahu will say No to the creation of a PA state in Israel’s Biblical heartland and will represent what the people really want: Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

Women in Green has pasted hundreds of  signs on the billboards around all of Judea and Samaria. See article here: Posters call on Netanyahu: return from US with Sovereignty


Here below is a summary by Arutz 7 of of Atty Marc Zell’s important lecture in Oz veGaon:

For a link to the lecture with suimultaneous translation to English: