Securing a warm and safe winter in Oz veGaon

We already raised $18,886 on our crowdfunding campaign for Oz veGaon that started yesterday. That is wonderful!

 THANK you to all those who already donated; but as you know this is a ALL or NOTHING campaign.

By next week, Wednesday December 21st at midnight , we must raise the entire sum of $120,000  to be doubled by matching donors if we succeed. And succeed we must and will, please G-d, thanks to all of you.

Each and every donation makes a difference and brings us closer to the goal, so please click right now on this link below, enjoy the Oz veGaon short video clip and donate .

 A donation to strengthen Oz veGaon is a donation to strengthen Eretz Yisrael.

 After that, please forward the link to family and friends and urge them too to join. Thank you!

 Donations are US tax deductible. A great way to end the tax year…