Rav Benny Elon, z”

The Women in Green movement mourns the loss of our dear friend, Rav Benny Elon, z”l.


Rav Benny was a man of great stature, giving his all for the people and the land, modestly and quietly.  A person with principles and a heart of gold. A person who cared about everyone. In one word – a mensch.

We will not forget how Rav Benny Elon frequently took part in vigils organized by Women in Green in the nineties when we protested against the Oslo Accords. He was always willing to come and speak.

His definition of “optimist” is engraved on our hearts. During the peak of the terror attacks by Arabs, he defined himself as an optimist. Who is an optimist? To this, he answered: He who is aware that the situation is difficult but believes that with hard work and much help and support from Heaven, we have the power to change decrees. This statement gives us strength and the drive to act.

Rav Benny dedicated his life to the Land of Israel. He worked to prevent the withdrawal from the Golan Heights. He worked in “Emunim”. He worked for Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem and he worked for the application of sovereignty over the Land of Israel.

Wherever he was and in whatever role – the Land of Israel was his top priority. He was a guide to us and to many others.

We extend our condolences to his widow, Emuna, and to the entire family.

May you be consoled and comforted with the  building of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

In the name of the entire Women in Green family