Posters in Judea and Samaria: Prime Minister, Go in Peace and Return with – Sovereignty

Women in Green uses the prime minister’s upcoming visit to the United States to promote the Sovereignty Campaign and distributes posters in this spirit throughout Judea and Samaria.


Throughout Judea and Samaria, the Women in the Green movement has hung posters calling on the prime minister to promote the sovereignty plan during his visit in the United States and his upcoming meeting with the president of the U.S., Donald Trump.


On posters hung on billboards and at the side of traffic arteries is written: “Prime minister, go in peace and return with – sovereignty”. The heads of the Women in Green movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, note that the signs are intended to sharpen the awareness of the political opportunity inherent in the change of administration at the White House.


“Donald Trump, the American president, planted the hope, during the campaign for election, for a dramatic change in American policy toward events in the Middle East in general and the Israeli-Arab conflict in particular. These things were expressed both in his promise to transfer the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and in the party’s decision to erase the clause that views the idea of two states as the necessary outline for a political solution. But without a political-ideological statement from Israel, a change in the ship of state’s course away from the illusions of dividing the Land will not happen. In light of this, we call on the prime minister to come with an immediate political plan in his toolbox, that will lead to the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria”, say Katsover and Matar, who state that “this is the only logical, ethical and Zionist political plan that the prime minister of Israel can bring to the White House”.


The two women go on, and describe the ever-increasing support in the Israeli street for the idea of sovereignty. This faces a well-oiled machine that continues to advocate the idea of establishing a Palestinian terror state in the heart of the Land, a machine backed by foreign political interests, in their words.


It should be noted that the distribution of the posters was carried out a few days before the Fourth Sovereignty Conference, which is scheduled for  Sunday, (February 12th, 2017) in Jerusalem with the participation of ministers and public figures. “We saw practical evidence of the broadening public support for the idea of sovereignty during the preparation for the conference when, days before it was scheduled to be held, registration had to be halted, since the hundreds of seats were sold out”, say Katsover and Matar.


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