The “Havruta” Beit Midrash for Women at Oz veGaon

Let’s study נ”ך the Prophets and the Writings together!

Our hearts yearn for continual renewal, for continual, perpetual renewal because this is the nature of the soul – it should flow like a river

(Rav A.I. Kook)

The sound of Torah – we want it to be heard in Oz veGaon!

The sound of Torah – connecting to the soul, to the Land of Israel, to the People of Israel

The sound of Torah – speaks to everyone,

The sound of Torah – in its varied keys, which ascends heavenward in strong harmony.


The idea began to take root ever since we first went up to Oz veGaon. The original beit midrash was begun by Rav Baruch Efrati during the first summer. It was brimming with lessons.


The first winter was difficult – it was bitter cold, but the dream continued to take root. Thanks to the Gush Etzion Council, the matter of electricity was dealt with afterward.

Lessons and lectures organized by Women in Green have been held on Fridays during the entire period and will continue this coming year too please G-d. They deal, for the most part, with current events; and now, with the approach of another winter, the addition of a beit midrash for women  is becoming a reality.

We have chosen to study the Prophets and Writings. While most of us have studied Torah, mainly through the weekly Torah portion, many of us have not yet studied the books of the Prophets and the Writings.

The lecturers are delightful; they are scholars with much knowledge and experience, reflecting the diversity of the various streams that exist within religious Zionism.

Take a Tuesday morning break for yourself – fill your spiritual batteries and take part in a Zionist act by augmenting the vital Jewish presence at Oz veGaon – Let’s get started!

The lessons are suitable for all women and will be in Hebrew.

The beit midrash will be held on Tuesday mornings at 9:00. Each session will be 45 minutes. There will be a fifteen-minute break for light refreshments. Four sessions.

Price: for one semester (14 mornings): 250 nis. For one morning: 25nis

The books that we will learn this year are: Joshua, Judges, Shmuel, Kings, Jeremiah, Amos, Hosea, Job, Proverbs, Psalms, Ezra and Nehemiah and the Scroll of Esther.

The lecturers are:

Rav David Nativ, Rav Haim Dynowisz,Rav Mor Bergman,

Rav Gershon Kitzes, Roni Akrish,Prof. Yisrael Rosenson

Nurit Gael-dor,Rabbanit Adina Feirman

Shiurim can be dedicated in memory or in honor of loved ones. Contact us for details.


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