Oz veGaon and the Love of Eretz Israel

In the joyful days between Jerusalem Liberation Day and Hevron Liberation Day, Oz veGaon was teeming with life and joy. Groups of youths raked, planted and performed maintenance work on the paths while strengthening their love for the Land of Israel.

Our dear friends from AFSI visited the nature preserve and pledged to continue helping and contributing to reinforce the educational objective: The strengthening of Zionist values among the youth.

On Friday we ended the week with a fascinating lesson by Rav Dinowitz – in anticipation of the holiday of Shavuot –Torah from Sinai and Torah from Zion.

Enjoy the pictures and a short clip of the youth connecting to its Land: https://youtu.be/1mNx6xj-qNo

Shavua Tov , a good week and a joyous holiday to all.