Op-ed: On the obligation to sound a warning


What is the prime minister planning to tell the president-elect about his vision for areas A,B and C? Is it going to be concessions or is Israel going to benefit from having a friend in the White House?

When things are too good, we start worrying. It’s like riding a bicycle – if it’s easy, it means that we are going downhill.

When one of the prophets of the Left, author A. B. Yehoshua, and even one of the designers of the Oslo Accords, Yossi Beilin, muse aloud about the concept of “sovereignty,” something must be cooking in the policy pot. When Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks of “two states” when talking to President-elect Trump, a big red light goes on. The prime minister is not a political neophyte and has a good many impressive achievements to his credit such as the battle against the Iranian nuclear deal and preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, so what’s going on now?

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