It was a happy Purim in Oz veGaon

Thank G-d the meguilla reading in Oz veGaon has become a tradition. Tens of people arrived to Oz veGaon in the morning and the evening, with Purim costumes and high spirits. Haman received the beatings he deserved. See attached pictures.

In the morning “President Donald Trump” came and read the meguila and gave a statement to the press: I love Israel, I love Gush Etsion and above all Oz veGaon. We need Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the embassy should move to Oz veGaon

See video:


And now on a serious note:

Unfortunately at the end of Shushan Purim things turned around and as we read in the press about the meeting between Netanyahu and Jason Greenblatt (a meeting we know nothing about what was discussed) we were dismayed to read that the head of the coalition has asked to postpone for 3 months the vote on the “Sovereignty in Maaleh Adumim first” bill.


It seems PM Netanyahu is trying to push a political process and does not want to promote the Sovereignty bill in this process. We are facing a very challenging time.


We will update more as we find out more.


1)    Please go visit the Amona refugees who are hunger striking next to the PM’s residence demanding that the PM materializes his promise to build them a new community

2)    Today at 3:30 pm MK Yehuda Glick is organizing a session in the Knesset about the Temple Mount open to the public. If you wish to register please call Shani at 0542325275


As we are heading towards the days of Redemption of Pessach we continue to act with the hope and expectation to awake even more people towards the continued Redemption  of Eretz Yisrael.