Hanukka full of light in Oz veGaon

A Hanukka full of light and happiness in Oz veGaon.


Hundreds of people came to Oz veGaon on Friday to participate in the different amazing activities organized by the JNF (Keren Kayemet LeYisrael).

Parents and grandparents came with their children and grandchildren. The weather was fantastic. It was uplifting and heartwarming. See attached pictures.


We are looking forward to see you at our next event in Oz veGaon to celebrate Tu Bishvat, please G-d, Motsaei Shabbat January 27th. Details will be posted closer to the date.


Meanwhile you are invited to continue and visit Oz veGaon with family and friends. Waiting for you are playgrounds for small children, benches and picnic tables, Zionist signs at the Zionist boulevard and benches with Zionist songs, a coffee corner, a synagogue, pergulot and restrooms. A fantastic place for family gatherings in the heart of Gush Etsion.


Happy Hanukka,