Connecting to Jerusalem – Brothers and Sisters Walking Together on Tisha beAv

Every Jewish heart yearns toward Jerusalem. The Divine presence dwells forever in the city, including within it the past, the present and the future. This is the city to which our eyes, and the eyes of the world, are always drawn.  Jerusalem is the light of the world.

This year marks the 50th year since the liberation and unification of Jerusalem. Fifty years of building, 50 years during which we have had the privilege to see the dream of generations, the approaching redemption, step by step, the redemption in which we await the entire People of Israel, in Israel and in the diaspora, participating in unity, radiating the light of Jerusalem in everyday life.

This coming July 31st will be the 23rd year of the Annual Walk of Tisha B’av Eve, led by Women in Green, the march that is a renewal and continuation of the ancient custom of the walk around the Old City walls, an expression of our love for Jerusalem, like the love of a bride who circles around her groom.

The route of the walk, which passes through the gates of Jerusalem, encounters locations where there have been severe security events recently. We will pass through there and wave the flag of Israel as a clear and resolute statement – Jerusalem, you are all ours. Perils will not deter us or prevent a Jewish foot from stepping in Jerusalem, rather the contrary, “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, to you have I given it” (Joshua 1:3). The combination of the fiftieth year and the obligation to declare Israeli sovereignty over its capital, especially during these difficult days, adds even more significance to the walk.

It is in this spirit and the spirit of Jewish unity, which is so important to all of us, that we see you too, our brothers and sisters on the other side of the sea, as part of the walk. Be with us as well, as participants in our walk through the byways of Jerusalem on this coming Tisha beAv night, which is most meaningful for all of us. Be with us as well, from your place in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Venezuela, Kiev, Brazil, Brussels, Miami, Toronto or any other place in the world, be part of the events of the walk. Even if you cannot be with us physically, we will see to it that you will be together with us by live broadcast!

For a donation of $100 we will display a sign with your name (and if you like, with your picture as well) during the walk, which you will be able to watch by live broadcast on Facebook.

Your donations are what will help to make this Walk possible – a Walk which entails many expenses, with thousands of people walking proudly in areas in Jerusalem where Jews hardly walk during the year.

We also call on our many friends in Israel – tell your friends on the other side of the ocean of the possibility that they  have to be a real part of the walk, where we will express together our commitment  and our love for the city to which we are all connected.


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For Jerusalem’s sake, Thank you!