Blessed rains but also Damage from the Storm at the Oz veGaon Preserve

The last storm brought welcome rains but as you can see in the attached photos also severe damage to the Oz veGaon Preserve. Thanks to the Almighty, no one was hurt but there was considerable damage to property.

  Two of the large welcoming signs at the entry to the preserve were damaged and one was completely destroyed.   The air conditioners in the soldiers’ tent that work in the winter and in the summer stopped working and urgently need repair .  The rain swept the gravel from the main path and deep, pits , dangerous for driving, have resulted and need urgent repair. In the buildings there was also damage.  One tent that we use to host guests  was destroyed.  The roofs of the caravans and of the synagogue had bad leaks and need to be sealed urgently. Trees fell on the area of the recreational equipment. There are dangling branches that must urgently be cut off in the entire forest so as to prevent them from falling. The electrical system must be upgraded to withstand the winter electrical load

In order to safely go back to our Zionistic activities in the preserve with youth, soldiers, tourists and public figures from all over the country, we need to urgently fix the damage and restore the preserve. We turn to you and ask for your help. All monetary donations are welcome.

For details on how to contribute: